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Getting the Scoop on Your Electricity Provider Choices

I vaguely understood that I had a choice in electricity providers, but never really paid attention – until this summer.  After getting our second electric bill that was several hundred dollars more than we had ever paid in our lives, Jim and I decided to do some checking on our options.  (This was after we took out a second mortgage to pay off the bill – only slightly kidding.)  Fortunately, around that time, my neighborhood Bunco friends got their bills.  One of whom used to sell electric plans, so she gave us the scoop.

It’s actually very easy.  So easy, there’s only one link we’ll give you.  It’s to the Texas Electric Choice Education Program Web-site, specifically to the “compare your choices” web page.  Enter your zip code, and the site lists all your options.  In my zip code, there are dozens of plans available (I stopped counting at 60), ranging from $.118/kwh to $.199/kwh.

Here’s the link.  (Seriously, there are several variables to consider in the different plans so please, before you switch, do a thorough review on the site.)  Happy Saving!

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