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Car Seat Compatability Check

Car seat data org logoBefore I got my mini-van, I had a mid-size SUV.  When I got pregnant and registered for an infant car seat, making sure it fit in the car securely didn’t even cross my mind.  Flash forward to bringing baby home from the hospital.  My husband had gotten so frustrated trying to get the car seat into my car tightly that he brought his own car to pick up baby.

But this wasn’t how it was supposed to work!  I was the one with maternity leave.  I was the one who needed to be carting around our little boy most of the time.  What did he mean he couldn’t get the seat into the car securely?

We soon (gotta love Google) found www.CarSeatData.org, a web forum where users (like us) enter compatability scores and comments on the fit of their car seats to their cars.  There were only a couple of reviews on our car model / car seat combination, but it was enough to confirm what my husband already suspected.  Getting a secure fit was going to be an “art” and require some “extra” tools (one writer suggested rolled up towels) to get the seat in tight at the right angle.  The seat, we also found, would only fit in the center of the 2nd row seat, not on either side….which would be a problem for us later when we had more children. 

Ultimately, we traded in my SUV for a mini-van (which turned out to be a GREAT decision for many reasons).  While I don’t suggest others follow such an extreme path toward solution, I do hope you all will be armed with more knowledge than I was when we registered for our car seat.  Before you buy, check out www.carseatdata.orgIf you can’t find the information you need, check the car seat in your car before you buy. When you get serious about a certain style, your retailer should allow you the chance to test fit before you buy – or provide a flexible return policy!

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