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Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty

Dove advertisementIt’s no secret to any of us that the standards of beauty set forth in the media are unattainable.  How do celebrities get so buff, so radiant, so thin?  Usually extreme diets, hours of working out (beyond what a reasonable person who has to work to pay bills can fit into a day), and teams of hair/skin/make up professionals.  And in advertising campaigns, it’s not much different….with models following extreme regimens and then pictures being air brushed and manipulated with the latest technology to remove any flaws.Dove logo

One skin care products brand has taken a stand, and I thought in honor of Women’s History Month, they should be commended and their message shared.  Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty is all about reshaping the perceptions young girls and women have about “what is beauty.”  Since 2004, for instance, the brand has banned photo manipulation (beyond color fixes) in their advertisements.

Their website, www.campaignforrealbeauty.com, has a wealth of information and tools to help Moms and mentors address self-esteem issues in young girls.  Some of my personal favorites are the videos they’ve created – Evolution, which shows the evolution of a “normal” looking woman into a billboard make-up model, and Onslaught, which shows the typical day-in-the-life messaging on beauty a young girl in the U.S. receives each day.  Links to both are included below.


Evolution Dove video



Onslaught Dove video



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