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The Silent Grade Killers: Poor Study Skills & Time Management

The Silent Grade Killers

Tutoring Service SelectionPoor study skills and time management can be your child’s silent grade killer.  Study skills are basic abilities, strategies and methods of learning which are critical to academic success.  Study skills should not be confused with study techniques and study methods.  Good study skills are the foundation of success in education, as well as life.  Effective study skills are considered essential for students to acquire good grades in school, and are useful in general to improve learning throughout one’s life, in support of career and other interests.


Developing study skills is crucial for students these days as curriculums become more intense and exams more competitive.  Students with good study skills quickly develop greater confidence in themselves and have an increased sense of motivation after learning how school can be easier.

The first step in developing greater confidence is for the student to know their own learning style.  Learning style explains how the individual interacts with new information.  The three main learning styles are Visual, Audio, and Tactile/Kinesthetic.  There are many free learning style assessments available on the internet.

Study skills includes teaching organization techniques, time management skills, problem identification, study and note taking strategies, motivation, responsibility, task completion, completing homework assignments, comprehension and subject knowledge, and important test review and test taking skills.  Training students to develop disciplined habits should increase self-confidence, reduce conflict with parents, and help students develop more effective study habits.

According to Three Rivers Community College, students spend 20 percent of all school related hours just listening.  Students can study their hardest yet still achieve the same grades, because their study habits are being repeated.  After a bit of ‘trial and error’ most students identify and adopt techniques best suited to their individual learning style.  Students who excel at school are not necessarily born smarter, they are simply better at studying.


Parents will find it amazing how quickly their children will bounce back academically once they’ve established proper study skills.  Parents of elementary students usually help their children more than parents of adolescents.  Knowing a child’s particular learning style will greatly assist parents with their student.  Take it upon yourself to find out your students learning and communication style. The site that I have some of my tutors use with the younger children is http://www.personal.psu.edu/bxb11/LSI/LSI.htm and another comprehensive one for older children is http://www.ldpride.net/learning-style-test.html.

Parents find that homework battles disappear once they have learned how to help their child study better and how to communicate more effectively.  If parents and teachers step back and let these students figure it out or take responsibility for their own learning, this may lead to a deeper cycle of failure at school.

Parents can cultivate school confidence by helping their children view themselves as able learners.  Students today have twice as much homework as their parents, therefore teachers and parents must work together to help children learn good study skills.  Being aware of common problems can help parents know when it is important to reach out and ask for help before a difficult time develops into a more serious situation..

Study skills are basic abilities, strategies and methods of learning which are critical to academic success. They are essential when it comes to getting the most out of your student’s studies and performing to the best of their ability.  Teaching study skills is one of the most important skills but one that is rarely taught. The results of poor study skills are wasted time, frustration, and low or failing grades.  Behind every good student are good study skills.  Make sure your student acquires the study skills needed to succeed in school and in life, it is too important to ignore.


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Written by:  Stephanie Ashley, Area Director for Club Z! In-Home Tutoring.  For comments or questions, you can reach Stephanie at (972) 956-0963 or sashley@clubztutoring.com.  The Club Z! website is:  www.clubztutoring.com

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