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5 Tips to Keep Kids Safe in the Heat

Kids playing soccerIf your kids are like my boys, they don’t care what the temperature is outside – they’ve gotta run and play whether it’s 32 degrees or 110.  So in these Texas summers, when the temperatures soar above 100 and the heat index is even higher, here are some tips we follow to keep them cool.

Note – I am NOT a medical doctor and these tips are not medical advice.

These tips are adapted from: National Institute of Health, WebMD.com, and American Academy of Pediatrics.

1.  Keep them hydrated. 

  • They need more than you think!  Every 20 minutes, an 88 lb child needs 8 oz. of fluid; a 132 lb child needs 9 oz.  
  • Give them the right fluids.  Water is preferable, but a flavored sports drink can substitute if it makes your child drink more.  Avoid caffeinated sodas and fruit juices; caffeine is a diruetic and will make them lose hydration and fruit juice has additional un-needed calories.

2.  Dress them right.

Wear light colored, loose and breathable clothing.  Light colors will reflect the sun and breathable fabrics like cotton will dry faster when your children sweat.

3.  Take frequent breaks.

Make a game of sitting still every 20 minutes so they can have that “drink-stop”.  Sing a song or tell a story to encourage them to take a break.  If you are engaged in an organized sport, switch out players more frequently in hot weather.

4.  Use personal misters or fans.

Buy an empty spray bottle and fill it with water to spray on kids during those rest breaks or even more frequently.  You can also find personal battery operated fans to take with you on-the-go to help kids (and you!) cool off.

5.  Recognize the signs of overheating and don’t wait to act.

The signs of heat exhaustion include: dizziness or fainting, confusion, dilated pupils, nausea, pale & moist or hot, dry skin, weakness, weak pulse, heavy prespiration.  Trust your mom’s intuition – if something doesn’t see right, rest.  If it seems really wrong, seek medical attention.

Keeping your kids active will make sure they continue their physical abilities and enjoyment even during hot summer months.  Using these tips will help make activities more pleasant for them – and you!



Rebekah Cooksey - Moms Out Loud Founder



Written by Rebekah Cooksey, Founder and Chief Executive Mom of MomsOutLoud.com.  She lives in Plano, TX with her husband and their three kids, aged 3.5 yrs – 8 weeks.  She is the one chasing two boys with a baby in tow around the playground to mist them with spray bottle of water.

Thanks to Rachel Logan Photography for the (magic!) photo.


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