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Father’s Day Crafts for Kids

We all have boxes filled with homemade tokens of love from our kids – but no Mom has ever said there’s not room for one more.  For Father’s Day, check out these resources for great craft ideas for your kids to make for Dad.  He’ll be happy you did!


Dad PadsFamily Fun Magazine / Dad Pads –

Always a great source for craft ideas, Family Fun (http://familyfun.go.com) doesn’t fail us Moms for Father’s Day.  My favorite of their ideas was the “Dad’s Pads”.  Here’s what the website says:  “Memo pads adorned with your child’s original artwork make a noteworthy Father’s Day gift. Simply have your kids decorate the top of a piece of paper and take it to a copy shop or printer to be made into notepads. Pads start at 50 cents each, depending on the paper size and your printer.”  There are lots more ideas on their Arts & Crafts page under Father’s Day.


Handmake an Artsy Project for Dad –

If coming up with a project from scratch for Father’s Day sounds daunting, consider buying a kit.  Learning Express sells “Make a Plate” kits ($14.99), which include special drawing paMake a Plateper & markers for your kids to create their masterpiece.  Use the mailing box and shipping label supplied to send the art in for processing and you will receive a beautiful one-of-a-kind plate for Dad. 

Learning Express is also offering you the chance to make a Stepping Stone for Father’s Day at their Plano and Frisco stores on June 16 and 17.  For those of you who have not attempted making a stepping stone at home, take my advice – skip it and head to Learning Express.  Leave the mess there and just come home with the stone, which Dad will cherish forever (or at least until your kids go off to college). 

Other craft stores, like Hobby Lobby, Joann, and Michael’s, all have options as well to spark your creativity, and not stress your project planning and execution skills.


Blackberry frameNo Time for Flash Cards / Blackberry Father’s Day Frame –

No, we’re not talking about the fruit.  If your husband spends as much time on his blackberry as mine does, you will understand this talented blogger’s creative inspiration for this child friendly craft.  She even takes pictures of her son making this for his dad!  Check out her blog, No Time for Flash Cards (www.notimeforflashcards.com)…it gives you lots of ideas for crafts, books, as well as some grins.  The Blackberry Father’s Day Frame is just one of the many cool projects!





Dad's BBQ apron

Amazing Moms / Father’s Day Painted BBQ Apron, Mitt, and Tools

Dad's BBQ Mitt, Apron, ToolsAnother great website with cool ideas for crafts is Amazing Moms (www.amazingmoms.com) They have several listed for Father’s Day, including these hand-painted BBQ Apron, mitt, and tools.  Instructions are easy to follow (even if you’re all thumbs like me), and there are lots of ways even the youngest kids can decorate these items (think handprints!).  I’m personally a fan of anything that gets my hubby out grilling more often . . . means less time for me in the kitchen.



Great opportunities for the kids to handbuild something for Dad:

June 6:

  • Cross Metroplex, Kids Workshop (Hardware Sorter) at Home Depot, 9am – this is great fun for Dads and kids to do together or perhaps the little ones can sneak off and make something themselves for Father’s Day (note from Tonia – I have taken my son to this and he had a GREAT time! The staff was very helpful and interactive with the kids and he just beamed at having finished the project by himself.)

June 13:

  • Cross Metroplex, Build and Grow Workshop (Putting Green) at Lowe’s, 10am – another activity that would be fun for Dads/kids or the kiddos can go with someone else and make this special gift for Dad


Some other great craft websites to check out are:

Crayola:  http://www.crayola.com/

Michael’s:  http://www.michaels.com/kids-crafts-and-activities

Craft Bits:  http://www.craftbits.com/


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Written by Rebekah Cooksey, MomsOutLoud.com Founder and Chief Executive Mom.  A Plano mom of three, she loves to “attempt” crafts with her kids – boys aged 3.5 yrs and 2 yrs, and girl of 6 weeks.


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