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A day trip to the Fort Worth Log Cabin Village

The weekend before Thanksgiving seems to be the last gasp of Fall. Standing on the brink of various holiday celebrations, families can take a moment to pause and enjoy the beauty of autumn before the twinkling of Christmas lights and decor begin to illuminate the city. Fort Worth is a great place for families to enjoy these final days of Fall. The Log Cabin Village, Fort Worth’s only living museum, is a great destination for the family to be able to experience a piece of area history along with the beauty of the outdoors. A train ride and a breakfast feast of pancakes make this day trip complete.

Begin the day with a stop at the Ol South Pancake House. Open since 1962, this Fort Worth breakfast icon is known for its golden pancakes and 24 hour service. Children will be able to find something pleasing to their palate off of the extensive kid menu while mom and dad struggle to choose between building their own pancakes or feasting on one of the delectable breakfast combo plates. 

Once the last sips of coffee are gone and the syrup has been wiped off of little faces, head down the road to the Log Cabin Village. Open six days a week, the Village (as it is known to its lovely volunteers) is always bursting with activity. Demonstrations vary, but a volunteer is always on hand to show little ones how life used to be lived in the days of the log cabin. The Seelah Cabin, one of the eight cabins on the premises, is home to several interactive features that children can take part in. Water can be pumped from the well, coffee ground, and eggs gathered from the chicken coop. Children are also allowed inside the cabin and are able to touch all the furniture and accessories. There is also a grist mill, blacksmith shop, smokehouse and herb garden for children to explore as they look around the cabins. 

After completing the tour of the Log Cabin Village, load up the car and cross the road to enjoy the Forest Park Mini Train. Departing every hour from noon to 4:00pm, this train takes its passengers on a 40 minute excursion through parts of Trinity Park in Fort Worth. Crossing over six bridges and trekking through various industrial and recreational ares, this train ride is enjoyable for the entire family. Fares are cheap, with those over 13 years of age riding for only $3.00, while children ages 1-12 ride for $2.50. Please note that only cash is accepted. Snacks and beverages are sold at the train depot. 

Gather the family this weekend and set out for a fun fall trip to enjoy some of Fort Worth’s finest family activities, all located within two miles of each other.


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