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Family Photo Style

Family Holiday PortraitsIt’s almost November!  That means many of us are preparing to capture the picture-perfect image of our families for our annual holiday cards.  Here are a few tips on choosing the right clothes for yourself and the rest of your crew

Comfort is Key

This is truly the most important thing.  If your children, your husband or you feel uncomfortable in your clothes, you will not get a good picture. 

  • New purchases should be kid-approved before the day of the picture.  You don’t want to give them any excuse for being unpleasant.
  • Your husband needs to like what he is wearing too.  If he has never worn a turtleneck before, don’t make him do it now.  Those grown boys can quickly become uncooperative.
  • Make sure you can comfortably bend and squat as necessary with your children.

Keep it Simple

Remember everyone wants see you, not your clothes.

  • Avoid complex patterns and ornate details that will distract from your faces. 
  • Avoid structural details that may need to be readjusted.  You don’t want to be worrying about the position of your cowl neck, chain belt, jacket lapel, or anything else you find yourself having to ‘fix’ on a typical day.  Remember, you may not have access to a mirror.
  • Don’t get so involved in colors and styles that you forget to ‘finish’ the outfits.  Check ahead to ensure you have the right undergarments (bulge-free), hair accessories, belts, jewelry and footwear.

Coordinating the Group

Your family does not have to all ‘match’, but there should be consistency to your clothes.

  • Prior to your session, familiarize yourself with the background and possible props.
  • Try choosing different intensities of the same shade.  By dressing the kids in the lighter shades or small prints, they will stand out. 
  • Keep the theme or feel consistent with the group.  It would be more important for everyone to be dressed in the same level of formality or for the same season than to match colors.
  • The Christmas pajama photo is always easy to coordinate.
  • If you are taking the picture outdoors, consider wearing coordinated outwear. (No one has to know if it ends up being 75 degrees that day. You can fake fall for a few minutes.)

That is my sensible fashion advice for you. If anyone has any advice to share with me about getting my little darlings to face the camera with a pleasant expression, I will take it.  Big Foot has a nicer portfolio than my kids. 

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