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Your Black Friday Shopping Plan

Black Friday DealsWith the economy and unemployment being what they are, stores will be wooing us like never before with great sales and specials. Of course that also means there will be many more shoppers out there to compete with on this marathon shopping day. To make sure you get all the bargains you can find you need a plan! Here’s what you need to make sure you get the most out  of this day.

Step 1: Figure out your budget.

This is the most important step. It doesn’t save you any money to buy things you don’t need or want to give to others, even if you get them at a great price. Sit down and really think about what you can afford to spend this year on gifts. No matter what anyone else says, including that little voice on your shoulder, credit is NOT your friend. You will not save money by charging Black Friday purchases. In fact if you do charge them, the odds are you will end up paying much more for the item once the interest kicks in. Just say NO.

Step 2: Make Your Lists.

Make a list of all the people you want to shop for and make a list of your favorite stores. Shopping on Black Friday takes organization. It’s a lot like going grocery shopping without a list. If you go shopping on Black Friday without a list, you will end up with twice as much stuff just becasue it “looked good” in the store.

Step 3: Find the Sales Flyers.

Take your list of favorite stores and look up their sales flyers for Black Friday. Most of them can be found online. BlackFridayAds.com is a fantastic site that lists many national stores’ Black Friday Ads. The sales are updated daily and you can even add alerts to email you when your favorite store ads are posted.

Step 4: Decide what to buy.

Do this NOW before you set foot in a store. Compare your budget with your lists and plan your purchases.

Step 5: Plan your Route.

Decide now where you will go first and what route you will take. I like to start with the store that opens first and work in a circular route to save the most gas and time.

Step 5: Eats lots of good food on Thanksgiving and celebrate with your family.

Step 6: Wake up EARLY & SHOP.

Get up extra early and eat a good breakfast. You will need the protein. Don’t forget to pack some bottled water and energy bars in your purse for a mid-morning snack. Leave the kids at home with Dad to watch football. The real game will be happening in the store and you’ll want to be able to concentrate!


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