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Resolution Wreckers: 6 Worst Mistakes That Will Keep You From Reaching Your Goal

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It’s the new year – heck, a new decade – and you probably have some things you want to do differently in 2010.  Whatever your resolution may be, here are 6 mistakes to avoid if you really want to reach your objective.

#1 DON’T:  Make your goal insurmountable. 

WHAT TO DO – Setting a challenging but achievable goal is essential.  Making the objective too easy makes attaining it underwhelming as well, but making it too difficult surely discourage even the most motivated of us.  The trick:  evaluate your goal periodically to make sure you’ve settled on the right balance.

#2 DON’T: Keep your goal to yourself. 

WHAT TO DO – Increasing accountability for your actions by sharing your objective with others automatically increases how much you focus on it.  Call it “saving face” or “being on the hook” – no one wants to state a goal and then not reach it.  This one tip was the single reason I actually completed my training and successfully ran a marathon.  After my {now ex-}husband told all of our friends that I was training, I simply couldn’t stop because I would have been too embarrassed.  While I was upset with him at first, I came to appreciate that

#3 DON’T:  Don’t enlist support. 

WHAT TO DO – Support is critical to helping you get through rough spots, which you inevitably will have.  If you can find and surround yourself with others with a similar goal (either currently or one they’ve successfully achieved), even better.  A strong shoulder and sounding board can work wonders when you’re struggling through a challenging time in your journey.

#4 DON’T:  Work toward your goal only when you can find the time. 

WHAT TO DO – Any goal – even ones that seem easy to achieve – needs to be worked consistently and frequently.  Small steps every day add up.  If you only work to reach your resolution periodically, when it’s convenient for you, chances are you’re going to find a lot of excuses to let it slide.  Build work on your goal into your daily life so that every day, even if it’s just a little progress, you consistently move forward.

#5 DON’T:  Don’t make your progress visible. 

WHAT TO DO – Another sure-fire way to keep yourself focused on your goal is to visibly measure your progress.  And I mean visible.  Like a poster-sized chart of your weight pasted to your bathroom wall where you see it every morning.  Why do you think Weight Watchers has a weekly weigh in?  Bingo – visible progress.

#6 DON’T:  Talk yourself out of your dream. 

WHAT TO DO – It’s so easy to give up mid-way through reaching a goal.  That’s why most New Year’s resolutions don’t last beyond January.  But any goal that’s worth achieving has a deeper meaning to it.  Figure out why you really want to reach your objective and make the end reward front-and-center in your daily life.  It will be harder to justify giving up if you state your goal in terms that truly mean something to you.

So, now that you’ve set your resolutions for the new year, make sure to keep these pitfalls in mind when you find yourself slipping.  Chances are, you’re making one of these mistakes.  Course correct and keep going.  Good luck!

Rebekah Cooksey, Moms Out Loud Founder



Rebekah Cooksey, MomsOutLoud.com Founder and Chief Executive Mom, is a Plano mom of 3 kids aged 4 and under.  Now that she is not pregnant or nursing, she has made a New Year’s resolution to lose 20 lbs in 3 months.  Can she do it?  Let’s just say the poster is pasted to the bathroom wall! 

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