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Airbrushing Scandals – How Media Skews Our Image of Beauty

Airbrushed PicsI have a very strict rule that I follow to increase my own self-esteem:

Do NOT read beauty magazines.

It’s amazing how much better I feel about my own appearance when I block out the perfect images plastered on magazines at the check out aisle.  (Avoiding mirrors in general, while running after 3 kids, has also helped.)

Then I saw the Newsweek article Unattainable Beauty: The Decades Worst Airbrushing Scandal.  Take a look through the gallery, and you will certainly feel better about your own personal image, though much worse for the messages being sent to your own children.  If you have a child who is old enough to understand, please share with them….being aware that what is “perfect” is too good to be true is the first step towards a healthier self esteem.

Picture is from the Newsweek online article.

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