Julie is a Speech-language pathologist and owns a private practice in West Plano called Speech TX. She specializes in working with children with autism. She has a wonderful husband, adorable daughter, and an ill-behaved labradoodle, all of whom she loves with all her heart.

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Shopping for gifts for the child with special needs

As moms we know the struggles of finding the “perfect” present. But what if the present is for a child with special needs? Toys ‘R Us has created a “Toy guide for Differently-abled kids”. This site is a wonderful resource for gift giving suggestions with special needs in mind. Parents can shop by “skill” to find toys aimed at targeting things like social skills, language, auditory, visual, and more!

As for visual needs, be sure to check out the website brailleboutique.com. It’s a cool site where you can purchase gifts items and accessories for an individual with visual impairment!

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