Julie is a Speech-language pathologist and owns a private practice in West Plano called Speech TX. She specializes in working with children with autism. She has a wonderful husband, adorable daughter, and an ill-behaved labradoodle, all of whom she loves with all her heart.

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Be…out there!

Before it gets too hot outside, here’s a fun activity that is great for encouraging speech and language skills! This activity is also good for fine and gross motor control, hand eye coordination, and conversation skills!

Make a “Nature Bracelet”** by wrapping a piece of tape (sticky side out) around your child’s wrist. Go outside, and pick up small items (flowers, grass, etc.) and continue until the bracelet is full of fun things! Have fun talking about what made up your bracelet!

(**Adapted from play-activities.com)

On a personal note, if you are on Facebook, check out the “J Natural Playground” page. My husband Jay and I are spearheading this project to develop a natural playground which will not only be the FIRST in Dallas but also the LARGEST in the country. Read more about the project online!

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