Julie is a Speech-language pathologist and owns a private practice in West Plano called Speech TX. She specializes in working with children with autism. She has a wonderful husband, adorable daughter, and an ill-behaved labradoodle, all of whom she loves with all her heart.

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Did you hear?

Did you hear?

Recently, I provided hearing screenings to over 40 preschoolers at the J Early Childhood Center, in Dallas. It is required by law to test children that are school age. Things like ear infections may affect hearing results and require a recommendation for further screening at an ENT or Audiologist office.

Newborn hearing screenings are vital. Popular musician Joe Mcintyre learned of his son’s hearing impairment the same day he was born! Early detection allowed him to not only get his son the help he needed, but also to facilitate overall prognosis!

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  1. Rachael 06/09/2010 at 3:08 pm

    My daughter had so many ear infections and so much fluid just hanging around in her ears that when we tested her hearing she tested as moderately deaf! That's when we got tubes!