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Her Mother’s Hope…A Book Review

I think this is only the 3rd book I’ve read by Francine Rivers but honestly, it was my favorite.  I’ve started and stopped this review about three times, because I think I’m still processing some things but I do want to share some highlights.  Let me set the stage a bit for you.

This book is a mostly true story.  It’s the author’s quest to find out more about her family who originally came from Switzerland.  After poring over letters and journals, she wrote Her Mother’s Hope.  I always love reading true stories, so that was the first selling point for me.  The story follows a girl named Marta from grade school to becoming a grandmother and everything in between.  You see her quest for independence, her escape from a dreadful situation that no young girl should go through, and an amazing strength to overcome the most difficult obstacles.  My favorite part was when she went into labor after her husband had gone out to the fields.  She put her oldest to sleep, got some snow to boil in the pan, squatted, and had that baby.  That’s amazing to me!

That said, this book also tugged at my heart strings.  I felt so many emotions from sadness to joy to anger.  The effects of a difficult childhood played into parenting.  Oh, there’s so much we can learn about parenting by reflecting back on our childhood, whether a positive or negative experience.  I will warn you, though.  You will be left hanging and ready to jump into the sequel, Her Daughter’s Dream, which only comes out September 14th of this year.

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