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How To Get Free Books

Do you like to read?  Do you like free things?  If so, then keep reading to find out how to get free books!

The library is always a handy place to check out books and not have to pay the expensive cost of buying them new.  But did you know there’s actually ways you can get free books?  That’s right!  Brand new books that you can enjoy in exchange only for your opinion.  Here’s some sites to check out how to become a book review blogger and the requirements to get started.

BookSneeze – This is the book review program for Thomas Nelson Publishing.  I’m personally a member of this program and I love it!  You can fill out an application here.

Bethany House – Wide range of categories and popular authors such as Janette Oke and Beverly Lewis.

Tyndale – Includes books by one of my favorite most recent reads by Randy Singer which was the main reason I just joined this program!

Navpress – I don’t know a whole lot about this program, so it might be worth investigating.

Zondervan – Publishing company for popular authors such as Rob Bell.  You can become a part of the Advance Reader program to review upcoming releases.

Crown Publishing Group – This is also linked with Random House who happens to publish books by one of my favorite authors, John Grisham.  Their Read It Forward program works a little differently than the ones listed above.  You can enter to win advance copies of certain books.  If you write a review, you can email them the link to it.  If they choose to feature you in upcoming issues of Read It Forward, then you might be added to their blogger mailing list entitling you to receive advance copies of great reads!

Perhaps you like a particular publishing company that I don’t have listed here?  You might even check their website to see if they offer a book review blogging program.

Another one of my favorite ways to get free books is through Swagbuck’sSwagbuck’s is a site where you can get points simply by searching the internet, taking surveys and polls, answering trivia questions, completing special offers, and more!  You might be skeptical like I was at first, but you should definitely check it out!  It’s pretty great.  You can redeem your points for many different things, but my favorite is for Amazon gift cards!  After you receive your gift card number by email, you simply enter it into your Amazon account, and it stores it in there until you are ready to use it.  Easy capeasy and fun at the same time!

Last but not least, let’s not forget The Best Summer Reading Programs in DFW where our kids can get receive free books for regular reading!

Now I know it’s summertime…a time to get outside and play, but we can’t forget to exercise our brains through some great reads.  And besides good books are needed for those outdoor picnics or family road trips, right?

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