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Support Your Local Farmer’s Market

green beans and potatoes

The farmer’s market is like this amazing explosion of your senses.  The eyes are drawn to the brightly colored produce.  Your lips drink in the delicious freshness that enters them.  And your nose, oh my favorite part, inhales the smells of a local farmer’s labor of love.  It’s all so incredibly fabulous.

zucchini and squash

I recently visited the Rockwall Farmer’s Market.  I do have a bias toward this particular one because some friends of ours sell their goods there.  Of course, you’ll find much more including plants, local honey, jams, and much more!


I do believe there are huge health benefits to buying local, not to mention that it tastes so much better!  The less time it sits on the shelf, the more nutrients and taste it contains.  So buy local!


So if you’re in the Rockwall area, be sure to stop by the farmer’s market, and be sure to visit the Reeves’ family stand.  Not only will you be getting some excellent local produce, but you’ll be investing in their process of adopting a little boy from Ethiopia!

reeves family farm

The Rockwall market is open every Saturday from 8 AM to noon until October 9th.  It’s located on Main Street in downtown Rockwall.

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  1. erinoltmanns 07/17/2010 at 12:24 pm

    These photos are GLORIOUS. Nothing makes me happier than the Farmers Market. 🙂

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