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National Relaxation Day

Did you know that last Sunday, August 15th was National Relaxation Day?  If you didn’t know, I’m not surprised.  I would have missed that fact if I hadn’t happened to walk by the TV just as the news anchors mentioned this little tidbit of info.  I was quite surprised that National Relaxation Day was named after National Slacker Day first celebrated in the UK.  Now I have a problem with these two being lumped in the same category.

learning to besometimes learning to be means slowing down and sitting…

A slacker is defined as one who avoids work or effort.  Relaxation is defined as the state of being free from tension and anxiety. These two definitions don’t exactly complement each other.  In my mind, the term “slacker” has always had a bit of a negative ring to it.  Relaxing DOES NOT mean you are slacking.

I’m in an interesting season of life where I am learning to relax and live with less stress in my life.  (I’m on an official sabbatical…read more about it here!)  I’m learning to just be and not do.  I definitely wouldn’t call myself a slacker but rather someone who is always busy.  Learning to rest and relax is hard but so necessary in life.  It’s not something that is just a good idea, but something that, I believe, is vital to our well-being.  Now here’s the tricky part…what does it look like to relax?  For me, for you personally, what is restful?  What does it mean to be and not do?  It’s trickier to find than you may think, especially if you are a parent of young children.

bathing togetherrelaxing with my girl…smile…

Even though National Relaxation Day has passed for this year, I encourage you today to RELAX!  Take a break. Put your feet up.  Just be.  You’re not slacking but simply contributing to your health!

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