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Fruits Of My Labor?

Over the weekend I received an email from my daughter’s school.  Luckily, it wasn’t one of those “we need to talk to you about your child” emails.  No, it was an email asking my permission to let my daughter be entered into an art contest.  Apparently, the art teacher has been impressed with her skills as a kindergartener.  She is one of 4 students from her school being entered into the contest!

our familyone of her drawings of our family!

Now, I am so proud of her but this post isn’t necessarily to brag about my little artist (although I’m happy to!).  I was sharing this great news with my mother-in-law and she said, “You cultivated that with all the art and crafting projects you do with the kids.”  I hadn’t thought of that before she said it.  And I don’t share it here to brag on me but simply to share the joy of a moment in the parenting arena.

I’ve said more than once that parenting is not easy.  When these moments come along that demonstrate the fruits of our labor, I think it’s ok to sit back and smile that you had a part in it.  One of our jobs, as parents, is to help call out our kid’s interests and abilities, right?  When we work on that and then those abilities are recognized, well, that’s a reason to rejoice!  Whether she wins or not, that is not the point.  I am celebrating her and her love for art!

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