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Post Halloween Sugar Rushes

Well, Halloween is over, but the candy supply probably isn’t.  We didn’t go trick or treating this year but between the carnivals and festivities we participated in, we still managed to rake in the sweets.  They are safely hidden and are being allowed in very small quantities.  At this pace, I have a feeling we’ll have a candy supply for months to come.

I got to thinking about all this candy and wondered what I could do to lessen the stash without throwing it away (it kills me to waste anything).  That’s when I thought, “Cookies!”  When I make a batch of cookies, I never bake all the cookie dough.  I bake enough for us to enjoy at the moment and roll the rest into balls to be frozen for later.  It’s perfect for an easy dessert for guests or a treat for an unexpected visitor.  So here are some cookie and dessert ideas to use up all that candy!

M&M’s Cookies – We have lots of little bags of these!

Candy Bar Cookies – These would be awesome with Snickers or any other candy bar!

Popcorn Trees – You could save your Skittles or M&M’s to make these trees for the upcoming Christmas season.  Sounds like it would be perfect for a kid’s Christmas party or a treat for your kid’s class at their holiday party.

Gingerbread House – Again, with Christmas coming up, save up your starbursts, twizzlers, dots, and lollipops to decorate a gingerbread house!

Tootsie Roll Fudge – Fudge of any kind is awesome to me!

Tootsie Roll Cheesecake – This one is actually a recipe from the Chairman of the Board of Tootsie Roll Industry, Inc!

So if you’re a Mama like me who doesn’t like their kids to have too many sweets, I hope this list helps!  Does anyone have any other great recipes to contribute? I’m off to lessen the stash!

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