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Find Your Local Charity Supporting Business

As someone who is heavily involved in charity work, I am always delighted (yes, delighted) to hear of businesses who provide opportunities to support charities.  There is such a blessing that comes from giving to help others.

As my church was recently raising money for an outreach to S. Africa, I was reminded that the opportunities are out there.  Sometimes we just have to find them.  Many businesses don’t advertise on their website about charity supporting opportunities.  You might find a little advertisement sitting on the tables or you might just have to ask and see what they can do.

burger and fries

In our local suburb of Dallas, the following businesses have donated 10-15% of sales on certain nights back to charity.

Chick-Fil-A ~ Use the restaurant locator to find your nearest Chick-Fil-A.  Click on Community and Fund Raising to fill out an express form with your info.

Mooyah ~ Although there is no info on their website, there is in their restaurant.  Contact your local Mooyah for info on fund raising nights!

Taco Delite ~ There is no website I can find to link to, but I know our local one has opportunities available.

Freebirds ~ Under their FAQ, there’s an email to contact them regarding donations or sponsorship.

Your Local Coffee Shop ~ I find that many local coffee shops are happy to host an evening where you can come in, set up a table, and display items relating to your charity work.


The point is that opportunities are out there.  Next time you are raising money for an outreach or your favorite charity, ask your local business for their support.  Beyond what funds are raised, it gives others the opportunity to invest in something outside of themselves just by purchasing a meal!  That’s a very good thing.

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