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Online Coupons and Discounts for OTC and Prescription Medications

Searching for medication coupons the other day, I came across I had heard of it before (my pediatrician’s office posted a link to it on their Facebook page–they are so awesome!), but had completely forgotten about it until a search result pointed me to the site. Beyond excited to find a $4 off coupon, I looked closer and was pleased to see that there were over 400 manufacturer coupons available for prescription and non-prescription drugs as well as everyday drugstore items like ace bandages. There are also listings for FREE product samples as well as FREE prescription drug trials.

The site is easy to navigate and organizes coupons by medication name in alphabetical order. You can also use their category view and see the medication names broken down by category (e.g. blood pressure, diabetes, migraine, etc.).

With the changes in reimbursements from health care spending accounts for over the counter medications that have gone into effect this year and the over all cost increases for retail prescriptions, it helps to be able to save a little here and there!

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