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Celebrate Spring with a Real Live Rodeo!

Fort Worth Stockyard


Yes, we all know that Texas is “The Cowboy State!” My friends back home in California would ask me if I ever saw tumbleweeds on the road and to “say hello to JR Ewing” when I got back to Texas. (Yes I am as old as the show “Dallas”) So where better to partake in some good old fashioned horseback riding?

The Fort Worth Stockyards is the answer for your cow-town urge! Everything is in a few block radius and it is all Texan! Take in the Rodeo every Friday and Saturday night, then head on over to Billy Bob’s, the largest honky-tonk (yes I said “honky-tonk”) of Texas!

Kids and adults alike can test their time in the 5,000 square foot maze that will have you walking in so many directions you will not know where to go. There’s bull riding and calf-roping to watch. Not that we want to go there, but also great steak to eat! Your little ones will have fun riding the bull! There is a “real” bull to take pictures on, and he does not bat an eye at you if you climb up in his saddle for a quick pic! (Whew!) There is also a fake bull to take a few spins on, and then spin right off!

For staying the night, the Stockyards Hotel is old and magnificent. The Hyatt is new and trendy. Both are very comfortable and comparable in rates. Take a break from the city-life of Dallas and head over to a real cow-town of Texas.

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  1. Jenq 03/08/2011 at 3:33 pm

    I always think it’s funny when people want to stop and take pics of Southfork. It’s just a house, but I guess it is exciting! Welcome to Today’s Mama!

    • Janet Calltharp 03/11/2011 at 10:15 am

      Thanks so much, I am so excited to be here! Look for more Texan fun on my blog! Thanks for reading!