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The Frog Prince – go see it!

My family (yes, the hubby too!)  and I visited the Dallas Children’s Theater for the first time last Saturday and watched “The Frog Prince” . We can’t stop talking how awesome it was. If you have small kids (or big ones), I’d recommend taking them!

My girls, their tiaras, and Me

The Frog Prince was held in their smaller theater.  We sat by other children donning their tiaras and princess costumes and were captivated by the use of puppets, singing, dancing, and acting. It was hard to believe they were just puppets.

The best part of the show was towards the end.  The puppeteers let you choose the ending! They came out of their black outfits and explained how they worked the puppets. Like a small and curious child, I was delighted by the show.

During the Q&A, I found out that the cost of a puppet can vary as high as a few thousand dollars.

The theater had the air conditioning set low, assuming it was because the puppeteers get hot under their black outfits and bright lights. It would be wise to bring a sweater.

Frog Prince

March 4 – April 3


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