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Orthodontia the 2nd Time Around

Orthodontia the 2nd Time Around


As I’m typing this, I’m feeling the pain from my recent trip to the orthodontist. Yes, I’m in braces for the 2nd time around. Though I wore my retainers religiously after the removal of my braces the first time around, two of my teeth have shifted.

Most of my peers haven’t noticed the clear braces I’ve been donning for the past month; whereas, others have offered their apology for not taking notice .

I visited two orthodontists before making the commitment. One pushed the Invisalign route while the other advised against it. I chose the orthodontist and office staff I felt most comfortable with or one I felt was right for me.

I’m happy and confident in my decision to do clear braces once again. After all, I only have five more months before they’re off again thus reaping the reward of  aligned teeth.  To boot, a  few of my daughter’s friends have labeled me as a “cool mommy” and my daughter thinks it’s awesome I can swap the color of my bands (like a fashion accessory).

As an adult and on my own terms, I’ve chosen an orthodontist and the type of braces.

– Cool Playground Mommy

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