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Plano’s Dog Park is a World of It’s Own

Dog Park

Enter into Plano’s Dog Park and enter into another world. This world was introduced to me this past weekend by one of my son’s friends. For as long as I’ve lived in the DFW area and for as long as I’ve owned dogs, I have never experienced anything like this.

First and foremost the rules of the Dog Park are not the same rules that we obey in our outside world. Dogs rule here, not necessarily their humans (although you may wish in some instances that the humans would step in). Freedom from the leash is required for the dog. The dogs are quite formal when meeting each other. As their social graces warrant: all the sniffing they can handle is allowed!

What I witnessed in one short hour:

  • Dogs catching balls, also nothing new, but to watch the one miniature poodle who could artfully carry a tennis ball larger than his head in his mouth on one side, while his tongue was wagging out of the other side was beyond hilarity.
  • Great Danes thinking they are lap dogs. Really? Can a 150 lb dog actually jump into a man’s lap and curl up like a kitten? Yes, I have witnessed this amazing stunt.
  • Can a miniature pug actually outrun a greyhound? If the desire is strong enough, the answer is yes. I saw that too.

If you are not yet a dog owner but are considering adding one to your family, this might be the very place to spend a few weekend afternoons. Talk to the owners; ask many questions. Watch the dogs, the breeds, and look for their activity and aggression levels.

Take a break from the “real world”; relax under mature trees while you watch your dog have his “doggie play date”. This may sound like nothing grand to you, but the dog’s think it is the best day of their lives and will love you for it.

The Plano Dog Park is located at Jack Carter Park at 2601 Pleasant Valley Dr, Plano, 75023. There are two separate enclosures, one for big dogs and one for small. Water and trash stations are provided, for both the dogs and the humans.

Please note that Plano’s rules state that children under 10 years old are not allowed in the Dog Park, and children between 10 and 16 must be accompanied by an adult. These rules are for the safety of all humans, entering into a dog’s world.

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