Hello, fellow Mamas! I am a high school teacher as well as the mom of a 10-year-old and twin 6-year-olds. I am also taking graduate hours through an online university towards a master's degree in political science. It is a unique experience to be both teacher and parent! Join me on my journey through the trials and tribulations of parenting!

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Springtime means Picture Time!

With flowers in bloom and lovely greenery, spring is the time to take outdoor photographs in the DFW area. My family has done snapshots in the wildflowers and bluebonnets,and of course at the Dallas Arboretum, but our pictures are far from professional. With young twins, I never felt confident that we could control them enough to get good pictures outside. Now that we are approaching age four, we decided to give it a try. Last Sunday we met a photographer at Prairie Creek Park in Richardson. No flowers, but a very pretty rock formation with a waterfall and a lot of lush greenery. Most amazing–my children cooperated!

What is my secret? Well, a lot of warnings and–I admit it–bribing. If they took good pictures, we had decided to go to Purple Cow for dinner and milkshakes afterward. If you didn’t know it, “milkshake” works just as well as cheese. My kids were so into it that they even gave the photographer some ideas for pictures that he hadn’t used before.

I was so glad that I took a chance on outdoor pictures. We hadn’t had a family portrait done since my twins were 18 months old, so it was time. Be creative, be inventive, and above all, be brave, Mamas! Give the great outdoors a try!

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