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Byron Nelson Golf Tournament – for kids too!

FORE! This year, I managed to score corporate sponsored tickets for each member of my immediate family to the Byron Nelson golf tournament held at the Four Seasons. My girls and I were ecstatic (and unlike my sport enthusiast hubby) we are not avid golf spectators. After all, this IS a social event filled with kids’ activities (a little known fact).

We parked at North Lake College and were chauffeured by our own Cadillac sponsored driver from the parking lot to the main entrance (my girls and I giggled a bit and snapped pics at our VIP treatment  while my hubby played it cool as most people didn’t realize this was a free service for all patrons).

Then, we made the mandatory visit to my work’s suite which housed two private bathrooms and plenty of cool drinks and snacks (including ice cream). After cooling off a bit in the air conditioned suite since it was 100+ degrees that day, we walked and took a photo by the Byron Nelson statue before heading over to the KidsZone’s air conditioned tent. Within that tent, a photographer took pictures of us with the HP logo, the girls made arts and crafts and they ventured outside for some miniature golf and played around in the bounce houses before retreating into the tent once again for cooler air.

In Front of My Work's Air Conditioned Suite

From there, we visited the HP Technology Zone where we made Avatar pictures of ourselves and then walked towards the Pavilion and danced to the tunes of Le Freak! It was such a fun event, but by far, the highlight was having my entire family filmed on the Golf Channel dancing to this band.

Dancing to the Tunes of Le Freak

If you do get lucky enough to get tickets to next year’s event, I’d recommend having the kids use the restroom ahead of time, slathering on sunscreen, hydrating with water since temps can get pretty high on the green, and bringing sunglasses and a hat. I’d also recommend bringing allergy medicine.

– Cool Playground Mommy

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