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Dallas Cowboys Stadium – Definitely Worth The Wait


Playing Football on the Field

Now that the Super Bowl crowd has come and gone, we felt safe to venture to the Cowboys Stadium for a self guided tour. It was a bit chilly, so we huddled to stay warm while waiting in line to redeem our tickets from the box office as we had purchased ours through Groupon (love the discounts!). As soon as we got in, we felt like lottery ticket winners because we were finally allowed into their facilities while others waited in line and watched.

The wait was definitely worth it! As soon as we walked in, we were in for a magical experience (not bad for $8) though we were first ushered thru their gift shop. We were then allowed to visit the Cowboys’ locker room, the Cowboy Cheerleaders’ locker room (a real treat for my girly girls since we were told it was closed for the day due to the cheer auditions being held onsite), the interview room, and the coveted field. We purchased a football (a small price to pay in exchange for playing on the field) to throw around to the girls and paid $20 for our family picture.

Overall it was such a great day. There was no time limit as to how long we could stay, but I’d say two hours would be sufficient for the tour. Unfortunately for us, we forgot that the Rangers also had a game so we faced heavy traffic on the way home.

In Front of Tony Romo's Locker

– Cool Playground Mommy

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