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Frisco’s Sci Tech Week of Wizardry Celebration

Week of Wizardry at Sci Tech

Week of Wizardy

As we perch on the edges of our seats waiting with unrivaled excitement to see the last Harry Potter movie, I have found a way to stave off our anticipation. Frisco’s Sci Tech Discovery Center is celebrating a Week of Wizardry this week!

Bring your children to Wizard School from 2 to 3pm, for only a $5.00 admission price. You will be thrilled to witness the Sci-Tech Magical Sciences Show. Wizard snacks will be served: flavored jelly beans and pumpkin juice! Sound yummy? At least it will help you get in the Harry Potter frame of mind.

Dress as your favorite Harry Potter character. Props will be available for professional pictures taken by Silver Star Photography for a fee.  Every afternoon at 3:00 pm one of the Harry Potter films will be shown for FREE in the Black Box Theater at the Frisco Discovery Center. I love the word FREE!!

This Saturday, July 16th, will be the finale for wizardry celebration! At 10:00 am you can enter into a real live Quidditch contest. Free entry for those wearing costumes. (I’m doubting real flight will be involved, but it will be fun!) At 3:00 pm is the Wizard Costume Contest! Sorry to you true HP fans, anyone wearing an invisibility cloak will be eliminated.

Please note that wizards under 14 must be accompanied by an adult. Frisco’s Sci-Tech Discovery Center is located at 8004 N. Dallas Pkwy. Let’s welcome the last installment of this magical series by celebrating in real Wizardry style the Harry Potter way.

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