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Tips On Back To School Photos

I am confident that every mom with a camera has their children pose for a photo before heading off to their first day of school.  It’s a day to remember and taking a snapshot is the perfect way to remember it.  Here are a few tips to getting a great shot of the momentous occasion!

  • Plan ahead.  My kids have to be in their seats by 7:30 am, so mornings are sometimes rushed.  In order to squeeze in enough time for a photo shoot, it’s helpful to plan ahead.  Where do you want to take the picture?  What do you want them to be wearing?  Backpacks on or off?  Planning a few things ahead of time will help in the morning process.

first day of school

  • Think about lighting.  If you want to take your photos outside (which is personally my favorite), then a few days beforehand take a look at the lighting in that spot at the same time you will be taking the photos.  You could maybe even take some test shots to see if that’s going to be the best place.
  • Use props.  Find some fun props that will add to your photo.  Maybe it’s a favorite toy, maybe school related props like books or crayons.  I also found a great Back To School printable at I Heart Naptime that identifies your child’s grade.

  • Let the kids know ahead of time about the photo shoot.  I always find it helpful to let my kids know the day before that we are going to be taking pictures.  That way when I tell them the day of that it’s time for photos, they’re already anticipating it.
  • Relax.  The last thing we want to do is cause tears on the first day of school, because we can’t get the perfect shot.  If all else fails and taking photos in the morning is just not happening, you can consider taking them sometime after school.

I would love to see your creative back to school photography!  Add your photos to the Back To School Photography Flickr group, and I’ll feature some favorites here in a couple of weeks!

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  1. Allissa Renee 10/09/2011 at 6:31 am

    We think of the perfect picture as being a smile looking straight at the camera, but after awhile could seem boring for little ones. Try warming them up by working with whatever attitude they’re giving you. Have them stick their tongue at you, make an angry face, goofy face with hands and everything. This may throw them off at first but eventually might be fun and could possible get them laughing which will end up giving you the smile you want. I will admit though that it does help to have a fast shutter speed. Ive seen grown adults become annoyed waiting for the cameras on our phones get the picture. Plus with the convenience of digital cameras you can just keep firing. You can always delete later. You may even end up liking some of the goofy pics. I’ve tried this a couple of times with my son recently and it’s worked so far. I am one of those ‘record everything’ moms, if there’s no picture it didn’t happen types so unfortunately for my son means he’s in front of the camera a lot! Good Luck!

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  3. Heather 08/16/2011 at 4:07 pm

    Tomorrow is first day of school! We’ll definitely be taking pictures but I need help with an unwilling participant. He always seems to dread picture taking but this may be the last year to add to his grade school photo book. Anyone with any suggestions?