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White Sands And Blue Sky

Join me as I share our summer 2011 family vacation adventures!  From hot spots we discovered along the way to tips for next time, we had an adventure to remember!

We are fortunate that my husband’s family has a little place up in the mountains of New Mexico.  It’s a beautiful escape and a place that we like to go, so that was our final destination on our summer 2011 adventures.  With no internet or TV service, I love that our time is always filled with playing cards, cooking together, watching the hummingbirds and the deer, eating on the back porch, and whatever else sounds fun and relaxing.

Sometimes we also venture to town for entertainment.  We took the kids to White Sands when they were younger, but they didn’t remember, so we paid it another visit.  Even though it was hot, we still had a blast sliding down the dunes.

Tip #1 : Be sure to bring sunscreen!  It might also be a good idea to go around dusk instead of the heat of the day like we did.  I imagine sunset over the dunes would be stunning!

Once we arrived at White Sands, we grabbed our wax at the gift shop for optimum sliding.  The painful leg workout to walk up the dune is totally worth the 20 second slide down.  And the blue and white is absolutely beautiful.  Don’t forget your sunglasses, because that beauty is quite blinding.

Tip #2 : If you plan on visiting National Parks, be sure to buy a passport!  This year happens to be the 25th anniverary.  At every park you go to, they will stamp it.  What a treasure for your kids to have as they get older.

We left White Sands after an hour and a half of fun, pink faces but no burned bodies, and headed back to the retreat of the cool mountain air.  What a fun day!

Next week look for my tips to preserve those precious vacation memories!

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  1. Heather 08/05/2011 at 12:51 pm

    Looks like fun….and hot! I bet getting back to the cool mountain air made it that much more worth it.