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Women: Take Your Best Shot!

Women Having Handgun Fun
DIVA WOW for Women Only!

Calling all Divas! Are you a Diva? Yes, we know you are. You are hereby invited to a life-changing experience! This opportunity must be shared with your female friends, and then bragged about to the men!

Empowerment is yours at DIVA WOW! No, this is not your typical sit in a chair listening to a woman behind a podium sharing and bemoaning to others. This is a solid group of women, the largest women’s ONLY organization, experiencing the outdoors together. DIVA WOW introduces women to the knowledge of shooting and outdoor sporting activities: by providing products, instruction, leagues and destination adventures.

Curious as to what DIVA WOW has to offer? Enroll in a one day clinic, one is offered on Saturday, September 24, 2011. All instruction is “lady friendly” including: pistol, shotgun, modern hunting rifle, spin casting, fly casting, and much more! Safety is always top priority, with specific instruction and requirements.

Interested in learning how to use a gun? Or just want to re-up your shooting skills from years past? Join a handgun league, beginners welcome, where skill is never an issue. There are many leagues to choose from, with multiple shooting ranges throughout the DFW area.

Check their website calendar for continuous activities all year long. Dog training clinics, Cabela’s Hunting and Fishing Seminars, Archery Clinics, Social and Road Trips and much more are offered, including a Hollywood Celebrity Shootout. Ladies Only Camps are available along with Ladies Shooting Weekends in different states across the country: Colorado, Texas, Nebraska and Michigan, to name a few.

Have a grand time socializing with other women, without the common coffee and shopping mall chit-chat. This is real live action fun! Men are no longer the only species on this planet who get to have fun using a gun!

Married? I suppose a new-found respect will emerge from your hubby. Single? Future boyfriends might not “mess” with a DIVA! Yes a DIVA Wow! A DIVA….Women Outdoors Worldwide, being introduced to much more than shooting a gun, but real live, life changing, experiences in the outdoors.

A DIVA with a gun. How cool is that?


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