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Adult Pet Adoptions–Give it a try!

While we all love the puppies and kittens (they are so sweet, so tiny), it is great to consider giving a home to an older animal. We lost our first cat in December of 2009, when she was only 11 years old. She was cranky even before she got sick, and our three kids knew not to mess with Jade.

This past January, a friend of my sister’s found herself needing a new home for her three cats.  One was a black cat that looked almost exactly our former pet, except that it was a he, had a little white bow tie, and was a huge cuddler. My husband was hooked, and we brought home Riddle, a cat that my kids can actually pet and brush, in fact, he insists on it!  We are so happy with the new addition to our family, and he seems very content with us. Unlike a kitten, he has never accidentally nipped or scratched my kids during play.  Consider the following adoption agencies–and an older pet– if you are planning to adopt a pet.

Riddle, getting comfortable in his new house

SPCA of Dallas

Humane Society of Dallas County
Operation Kindness
Rockwall Shelter Pets

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