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First Karate Tournament


  “Kiah!”  Our eight year old will be competing in her first karate tournament this Sunday, so members of our household have been prepping for the big day.

Examples of this are evident .  Our three year old has been kicking my hubby in the shin (much to his chagrin). In addition, my hubby (who doesn’t have a martial arts background) has been giving our eight year old unsolicited advice.

Unlike our three year old daughter and my hubby, I’ve been trying to keep quiet because I am a bottle of nerves.   It doesn’t help that our daughter has been incessantly talking about the tournament and her desire to win the coveted trophy for her age group.

As the self professed martial arts guru (truth be told, I only have my green belt in Tae Kwon Do) in the family, our daughter looks to me for answers to her questions.  “Do I have to hurt the other person while sparring?”, “What if I don’t win?”, etc.

Without hesitation, I told her we’d be proud of her and that no, she didn’t have to hurt the other person. I then followed this with a  hilarious story from the one and only tournament I particpated in.

Like her, I hadn’t looked forward to throwing jabs and kicks at an unknown opponent. That opinion quickly changed, when my opponent charged at me.  At the urging of my friends (who were watching me), I finally kicked. It would’ve been my “Karate Kid” moment; however, I hit her below the belt and on the tush (which is a BIG no, no).

To make matters worse, I ended up with a sprained ankle.  Post-tournament (and the icing on the cake) I was greeted with a giggle by a good friend. He said I “looked like a fool” and I agreed!

The moral of the story? Don’t hesistate to kick and jab first!

To my delight, our eight year old LOVED my story. For a few minutes, it helped lighten the mood until I resumed my role of Mother Bear.

My hubby said the best we could do is to “be present” (mentally) and cheer her on! I agree.

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