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Forty is the New Thirty

It’s almost here and I’m really not sure how I’m going to handle it. I’m going to be 40 in a week and I’m convinced we have our dates confused on the calendar. When did this happen? I can still vividly remember counting the days until my 16th birthday – surely it hasn’t been 24 YEARS since then, has it??? My husband informed me that he’s throwing me a party for the big day so I’ve busied myself by helping with the planning rather than focus on the ticking of the clock. But still, time marches on. I know, I know – turning 40 is better than the alternative. I get it. I realize it’s better to be alive than dead. But there’s a definite shift in society for women that occurs at 40 that’s pretty hard to ignore. Tons of magazines, beauty products and clothing lines tout themselves as being for “Women Over 40”. Why?? What happens at 40? Are all my regular things going to stop working? Do I need to cut off my hair, throw away my shorts and get age cream? Should I have done that a long time ago?? This is all new territory for me and I intend to (hopefully) approach it all gratefully and gracefully. Or maybe a little tipsy.

On the upside, the party my husband is planning sounds like it’s going to be lots of fun! In an effort to keep me from having to do much, he hired a housekeeper and scheduled a spa appointment for me the day of the big event. Also, we’ve outsourced the food and libations – Taco Taxi, a mobile taco cart catering service (doesn’t that sound like fun??) is doing dinner, Margarita Adventures is providing a margarita machine, and Creative Sweet Shoppe will be baking and decorating a vanilla cake with raspberry filling. I can’t wait!!

Check back next week and I will follow up on the big shin-dig and let you know my thoughts on how it went. And how everything tasted! That is, if my aged old brain can remember all the details. I’ll be 40 by then so you never know.

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  1. Cool Playground Mommy 10/15/2011 at 5:58 am

    Happiest B-day! Awesome title. I’ll be 39 tomorrow…or was that 28?1?! HA!