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Destressing the Holidays Tip #3–Buy that Cheesecake!

The third installment in my effort to get all the mommies out there to avoid some stress and enjoy the holidays!

Tip #3: Buy that Cheesecake!

Less stress for the holiday season

Save time and Sanity!


We have all had this holiday dilemma: a busy week that ends with a hectic Friday afternoon of getting the kids ready for a sitter and yourself out the door to a party.  When do you find time to whip up a homemade treat for the buffet?

Answer is: Don’t.  While homemade is great when you can do it, the cost is too high if it means that you will be stressed out and tired instead of being able to enjoy yourself. If the party is going to turn into another thing on your to-do list instead of a treat for yourself then it is adding stress to your holiday instead of being a break from it!  This applies to more than just needing goodies for a party of course, feel free to apply it to every situation where it just isn’t possible to make your first choice happen.

Some places that we have been able to cut time from holiday preparations in the past:

  • A computerized list of addresses for our Christmas cards. All you have to do from year to year is check it for name or address changes and add new people that your family has become close to.
  • Gift bags! There are not words to tell you how much I love these as a time saver, especially if the gift is for a child. They don’t notice the wrapping anyway!
  • The Gift Box: throughout the year, I pick up toys and books at clearance sales so that I have something on hand for those extra gifts that pop up. This is especially handy for when younger siblings show up unexpectedly–they will be thrilled with a new box of crayons (25 cents when school started!) and a coloring book. There might even be a few things in there for adults as well.

What are your time-saving tips for the holiday season?

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