First Attempt At Baking A Pie

Earlier in the month I received my Food Network magazine.  I love this magazine, and I like to try at least one recipe per issue.  I am not a cook by any means of the word, but I do like to dabble and pretend I know what I am doing.

This month was the Thanksgiving issue.  I looked through the magazine and gawked at all the pictures.  At some point I decided that I wanted to offer something to our family’s Thanksgiving dinner.  Thanksgiving is done at my parent’s house and my grandparent’s house.  I don’t think a turkey has even seen the inside of my kitchen, so I figured it was about time I brought something to the table, literally.

For some reason I decided to try my hand at a pie.  I have never tried to make a pie in my life, so why did I all of a sudden decide I wanted to make one?  I don’t know.  I think those darn Food Network editors do a great job on the pictures in their magazines and they lured me in.  I’m not even making a traditional Thanksgiving pie.  I decided to try a Coconut-Macadamia Pie.  I’m crazy I know, and on a no sugar diet, so score one for me and my stupid ideas.

First things first, I had to buy my ingredients.  Luckily, I had most of them (flour, vanilla, eggs), but macadamia nuts… those things are expensive!  I couldn’t believe a bag of nuts was almost $5.00.  I chugged on and grabbed them.  I will also note that I am very happy that there is pre-made pie crust out there.  That would have been a huge mess that I would not have wanted to clean.

Once I got home, I laid out the ingredients, threw it together, and popped it in the oven.  325 degrees and 50 minutes later a beautiful pie was born.  Now, I just hope it will keep until Thursday…

All the ingredients for my first pie


My first PIE!

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