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Cheap and Easy – Christmas Decorations

Cheap and Easy Christmas Decorations


I knew I had saved those summer crafts for a reason! This weekend, as I was going thru our storage boxes of missing Christmas decorations (no kidding, we somehow misplaced our indoor/ outdoor lights), I caught myself looking at our daughter’s old popsicle stick crafts she’d made during her summer break.

My little “genius” must’ve foreseen that these projects could be put to good use. The popsicles sticks were meticulously glued together as snowflakes.

I got my handy hot glue gun and grabbed nine of these snowflakes to form a wreath. To my delight, it turned out awesome! It looks wonderful hanging above our mantle and our oversized red and white stockings.

To complement this wreath, I ended up attaching these to our stair rail by a large green ribbon. Check these out – they ROCK!

Popsicle Stick Christmas Decorations

- Cool Playground Mommy

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