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Boi Na Braza Valentines Special

Picture Courtesy of Boi Na Braza


Boi Na Braza (located in Grapevine) was the perfect venue for celebrating the completion of my first 5k run! We (kids included) had a voracious appetite. What we liked about this upscale Brazilian steakhouse is the no wait time for seating (as long as you make early dinner reservations) and your food comes to you (with the exception of the salad station).

Rather than waiting for appetizers and trying to busy our kids – we were seated almost immediately and headed for the salad buffet (which included smoked salmon, marinated portabella mushrooms, mashed potatoes, bread, and a variety of cheeses). Once we were seated, we flipped our cards (which were given as we were seated) indicating to our wait staff that we were ready to dig into their succulent meats (15 selections of beef, pork, lamb and poultry)! The wait staff are dressed in gauchos, carry the meat on skewers and slice the meat for you. Boi Na Braza is the perfect name for this restaurant as it translates to steer over embers.

Boi Na Braza's "Yes Please"

The girls thought it was a fun place and though pricey, we were pleased we got our money’s worth of food. This was evident by the difficulty we experienced just by walking from our table to the car (we probably needed to be wheeled out). We had happy tummies!

For Valentine’s Day, Boi Na Braza is offering a $119.99 special (for each couple). You and your date can enjoy two full course dinners, coffee, a champagne toast and a select dessert.  Also, if you like their Facebook page, you receive  a 10% coupon. Happy Valentine’s Day to all our readers!

– Cool Playground Mommy

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