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Dallas Zoo Winter Discount


Dallas Zoo


Two Mondays ago (while on our day off from work), my hubby and I took our toddler (unfortunately, big sister had school) to the Dallas Zoo. The weather was brisk yet sunny enough to still enjoy the outdoors! We relished being outside while getting much needed exercise (pushing the umbrella stroller) from the holiday feasts. Unknown to us, adults and children are only $5  (score!) during the months of January/ February.

Because we had to be home early enough to greet our oldest daughter at the school bus stop (across the street from our house), we took a self guided three hour abbreviated tour. However, we still had fun.

This Lioness Eyed My Lunch


We headed over to the Wilds of Africa (my favorite place) to have lunch before beginning our tour. It was awesome! This was the first time we got the chance to sit inside the restaurant (normally, it’s too full with people). We had no idea we’d be alongside  lions/ lionesses who were literally staring at us while we dined on food. No worries though – we were safe. We were protected by thick durable glass. But it was still so very cool (and scary at the same time).

Giraffe Feeding


Next, I had my hubby wait in line to purchase lettuce so that we could feed the giraffes. It WAS amazing! Though our three year old was too scared to feed the giraffe, she still enjoyed being strapped to my hip and watching me feed this beautiful creature. We were so close that I noticed (for the first time) the giraffe’s black colored tongue and its long and luscious lashes.

Camel Ride

We trekked our way visiting all the exotic zoo animals and ended our trip with a ride on top of a camel. We had to pay extra to ride the camel, but let me tell you, it was worth it! I was worried our three year old wouldn’t end up riding (initially, she hesitated) but once I put her on the camel’s hump and secured myself behind her, she was good to go.

All in all, it was such a great trip.

–          Cool Playground Mommy

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