DIY Kitchen Chalkboard

Okay, so I was wasting hours on Pintrest one afternoon, an addiction that has taken over the country, and I ran across a lady who turned the side of a hutch into a chalkboard.  I got one of those, “I can do that” moments.  I don’t have a hutch or a china cabinet thing or really anything with a side in my kitchen, so I brainstormed a little.  What I came up with is a chalkboard made from a cookie sheet.

First I found a cheap cookie sheet (the cheapest we could find was around $5).  My husband made two holes at the top so I could put ribbon through.

I had chalkboard paint, so I painted the back side of the cookie sheet.  I followed the directions on the bottle, but had to do 4 coats instead of 2.

After the paint dried, I put the ribbon through the holes and did some detailed painting.  My kitchen theme is Mickey Mouse, so the colors I used were red and yellow.

I let it sit 24 hours and then conditioned it by rubbing chalk on it, then wiped off the chalk.

I am happy with the final product, however I realize putting chalkboard paint directly on metal isn’t a good idea.  I should have put a layer of something else between the cookie sheet and the paint.  When writing with the chalk, it scratches a little and some of the paint has come off.



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  3. CoolPlaygroundMommy 01/20/2012 at 5:37 pm

    It’s so cute!