Fondue For Your Valentine

We really don’t celebrate Valentine’s day in my family.  My kids may get me a card or some flowers, but besides that, Valentine’s day seems just like every other day on the calendar.  That could be because my birthday is February 7 (one week before Valentine’s).  We do all the eating out the week or weekend before.

With all that being said, sometimes my husband and I want to have a birthday dinner without the kids.  When we do, we enjoy going to the Melting Pot.  I love fondue and even though a dinner might take hours to eat, I always leave satisfied.  If you have never had fondue before, it really is an experience and something I think everyone should try at least once.

If you choose to eat at the Melting Pot for Valentine’s day weekend (Feb. 10-14), there is a fixed menu.  Normally you would have many choices as far as meats go, but on for this occasion you can choose from the Deluxe Lover’s Feast or the Cupid’s Combination.  Either one sounds yummy and both come with a complimentary champagne toast.

I will note that if you have never been to a Melting pot, it is not a great place to take kids.  The atmosphere is dark and quiet.  It’s more of a “Mommy and Daddy night out” kind of place.  Also, if your significant other ins’t much to talk to, I would bring another couple.  You will be sitting around waiting for your food to cook, and if you don’t have a lot to say to your loved one, friends may keep the conversation going.  If you do choose to take another couple, request to have two burners.  That way you are not stuck settling for an oil that you may not like.

Keep an eye on the Melting Pot’s web site and sign up for their emails.  They are always having special Ladies Night Out dinners and other specials.  And on your birthday… you get a box of chocolate covered strawberries!



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