I Am A Closet Hoarder

Definition of Hoarding: (n) Pathological or compulsive hoarding is a specific type of behavior characterized by:

  • acquiring and failing to throw out a large number of items that would appear to have little or no value to others (e.g., papers, notes, flyers, newspapers, clothes)


Hello.  My name is Stephanie, and I am a hoarder.  I wouldn’t go as far as to say I am like those people you may see on TV, but who knows, that is what I might become.

I was sitting back last night, scratching my head and trying to figure out how in the heck I am going to print off the thousands of pictures I have on my memory cards.  I found this to be an issue because I have around 20 media cards that I have filled with tons of family pictures.  I wish we were back in the days of regular film camera.  So much easier.  I have stacks of full memory cards just sitting around.  Baby pictures of my children that have not made it into albums or scrapbooks.

While thinking about these pictures that might never see the light of day, I thought to myself, “So, if I do print these pictures off, will I keep the pictures on the cards, OR will I replace the older pictures with newer ones (so as not to continue my cycle of buying packs and packs of media cards)?”.  My answer….”Duh! Keep the old memory cards!”.

This brings me to why I think I have a bit of a problem.  I have a need to keep every little thing that has anything and everything to do with my kids.  I have every piece of art my kids have ever done at daycare and school in containers under my bed.  I have every piece of paper ever sent home.  I have a box in my craft room full of all the receipts from my OBGYN when I was pregnant (both times), and I have kept every bag from gifts that we received at my baby showers and my children’s birthday parties.  I also refuse to rid my house of baby shoes or baby clothing.

My husband calls me a hoarder and claims he will start tossing everything out little by little when I am not paying attention.  Well, I notice EVERYTHING.  I will know.  Besides, I think I’m nostalgic.

I realize that this is a problem, but I have gotten it out.  Call me crazy or what you will, but when my grand-kids come to me and want to see something from their dad’s childhood, I’ll be prepared.

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