New Years Resolution – Do I Have To?

Being that it’s the first of the year, people are starting to talk about resolutions they are making for 2012.  Do I really want to join in on the fun?  Every year I make the same resolution.  It’s either “lose weight” or “work out more”.  Never fails… always one or the other.  And, yeah, I need to take better care of myself, but I don’t need the first of the year to be the reason for it.

I know people do this to start fresh, but how long does their “new start” actually last?  Mine usually makes it a few weeks.  Truth is, I love food and the gym is just plain boring.  I try changing things, and I know it’s all in the head, but come on…. food is meant to be enjoyed…. and gym equipment is to be used by those big, grunting men who know how to use it.

I could say, “I need to cut back on caffeine this year”, but Santa gave me a pretty cool coffee tumbler from Starbucks.  Every day in the month of January, Starbucks will fill it with free coffee.  Who am I to ignore a gift like that from the man in red?

I could say, “I need to be a better mom”.  Do away with all the fussing at my kids and teach them to be better people.  That’s all good, but then one kid hits the other with a toy sword, the one who is hit starts to cry and bites or pinches the other.  We threaten time out just to be spit on or slapped in the face.  At that point “being a better mother” gets thrown out the window.  (This scenario will happen by the end of the day.)

The last thing I can think of is maybe cutting back on sugar.  I overheard a woman telling her husband that sugar feeds cancer.  Because I am a cancer survivor, I decided to research it, and there are a few write ups on the net talking about that.  Well, I got a pretty awesome cookie jar for Christmas, and… it is full of cookies.  A little sweet something is okay in moderation, and my oncologist’s office always has bowls full of candy and cookies next to where they take blood.  If sugar was such a concern, I think I would have heard that before now and I don’t think doctors would allow candy in their office.

I know I will cut back on the bad stuff.  I will start to eat better, and exercise more.  I’ll try to keep active and cut out stresses in my life.  I’ll be a better mom to my boys and a better wife to my husband.  I’ll do all this just because I want to, not because it’s a new year.  Now, I must save my youngest from the banister that he is trying to climb over….  deep breath….

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