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Jane Seymour – actress, dancer and yes, children’s author and artist


Jane Seymour

I was completely and utterly mesmerized….by Jane Seymour. A few weekends ago, I had RSVP’d to Dallas Child magazine’s invitation for story time (read by Jane Seymour). Unknown to me at the time (and in addition to being an actress, dancer and jewelry designer) Ms. Seymour is an artist and author of children’s books (loosely based on her now 16 year old twins).  Though I had to explain to my girls and my hubby who she is, we were excited to make our drive to Dallas’ Wisby Smith Fine Art Gallery (located within the ritzy Crescent Hotel).

As usual,  we were running 10 minutes late (due to highway construction), but my smile didn’t waiver as we entered the art gallery. We found ourselves staring at Jane Seymour while she read to just a handful of kids (probably 10 families at most). Initially, I parked myself in the back with the other parents, but the nice people at Wisby Smith Fine Art Gallery ushered me to the front. Happily, I complied. I tried listening to Ms. Seymour read her short stories, but it was difficult. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. She was breath-taking (great figure, flawless skin and hair – you get the picture) and (surprisingly) didn’t muster an ounce of jealously from me. She was like the art pieces that surrounded us that morning, incredible!

When story time wrapped up, we found ourselves in line (along with other anxious parents/ kids) for her autograph. Once obtained, we were encouraged to munch on refreshments (the kids loved this) and tour the art gallery. I was impressed with the artist’s latest works and the necklace she showcased (it made me want to hum the Kay Jeweler jingle).

We ended our day with lunch at the new Hard Rock Café while recalling our encounter with the lovely Ms. Seymour.

– Cool Playground Mommy

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