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Valentines For Teachers–Fun Ideas to Make at Home!

It’s almost Valentines Day, and time to start planning if you are going to give your kids teachers something homemade! There are lots of great ideas out there, so I thought I would share a few that were hits with the teachers in past years.  If you have never read Family Fun magazine–you HAVE to check them out! They have great craft ideas in every magazine, as well as a great searchable website! They have a whole page organized just for Valentine’s Day here.

I did the Kernels of Love Valentines Cards for our teachers when my son was in Kindergarten. He has changed schools, and my twins are at a different school this year, so I plan to make them again. They are pretty easy, and you can pick up some microwave popcorn on sale right now if you watch the adds. I like that I didn’t have to buy a lot of craft stuff that I might never use again. I already had everything in the house!

Valentine Gift for Teachers

Sweetheart Roses for Teacher Valentines!

Sweetheart Roses are another sweet (HA!) gift for teachers, dance instructors, and daycare workers. Your child can help with these and will enjoy giving “flowers” to their teachers! I found floral tape and green pipe cleaners at our Hobby Lobby, and everything else at the grocery store. You could use different colored Kisses and plastic wrap for some variety.

More flower ideas are Gumdrop Roses (Thanks Tip Junkie for sharing this one! Check out her blog for more ideas too.)

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