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Visit the Vintage Martini

Flower dress

Vintage Flower Dress

Ladies, I am so very excited to share my most recent find with you! In the Carrollton downtown square sits the finest store in vintage fashion wear, Vintage Martini. Isn’t this floral dress in the window to die for?

If you are looking for vintage clothing, for any need: formal occasion, party, retro night, even Halloween, or you just enjoy in dressing vintage, you must visit this shop!

The clothes are in excellent condition. You in no way feel that you are in a “resale store”. The shoes, hats and accessories are displayed in the most beautiful settings inviting you to explore!

Designer names are very important, especially when you appreciate the history of fashion. The owners, two gentlemen, have the knowledge regarding what was fashionable 80 years ago, just as they know the best in fashion today.

Curious as to what was in style in the 4o’s? Maybe your mother would love a walk-back through time. This is the store for you. The clothes are specifically displayed by their era and decade. If you grew up in the 80’s, yes the large over coats with shoulder-pads are there.

Do you struggle to buy gifts for that extra-special someone that adores antique but requires it to be chic? This vintage wonderland has the answer for you: hats, jewelry, barware and the most gorgeous shoes! Peruse their website for ideas and more information on their style services.

Why buy new clothes trying to get that “vintage look”, when you can buy true vintage? Put this store as a “must-see” on your list!

1960's Vintage Campbell's Soup Dress



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