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Year of the Dragon’s Hair Styling Tip

Year of the Dragon


Before my coworkers and I met up over a work lunch to celebrate Chinese New Year (Year of the Dragon), we briefly discussed and planned our hair do. My girlfriend had mentioned pinning her hair up with real chopsticks.  Of course, I jumped on board and told her I wanted the same up do.

Shortly after arriving at the restaurant, we walked to the bathroom and whipped out her chopsticks from her purse.  It was such an easy and fast fix that I had to share!

She merely secured my hair in a high ponytail, twisted it and wrapped it in a bun before piercing it with two chop sticks. Voila!

I loved my hair style. As another co-worker playfully mentioned, it was very James Bond’ish hairstyle. Note to Self:  If ever I’m in a situation where I needed to defend myself, I could throw the chopsticks from my hair at my attacker.

My Up Do with Chop Sticks

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  1. Amy Allen Johnson 02/15/2012 at 12:13 pm

    Fantastic! I sometimes do the same trick with just a single pen/pencil, twisting and then holding with the pencil.