Dallas Women’s Events: A Look at Project Mom, Beauty Live and Dallas Kids Expo 2012

Mother Nature has been very kind this year to North Texas. I’m not sure if it’s because in 2011 we had a week’s worth of snow during Super Bowl XLVor that the summer brought more than 100 days of 100 degree temperatures (coincidently while I was nine months pregnant). Whatever the reason, my “event season” has already been heavy with many things to do as a mom and as a family. While I plan to provide a “must do, must go list of things not to miss in North Texas”, I’ve had some great experiences lately that I simply can’t wait until next year to share. After all, these are the kinds of events that suit today’s kind of mama. Best of all, some of these awesome happenings actually happen bi-annually so you might get your chance to attend before next year.

Project Mom, February 25, 2012 in Fort Worth

After accepting an invitation from a sweet friend I hadn’t seen in ages, I found myself at Project Mom. I wasn’t quite sure what I was in store for, but I’m very glad I went. Project Mom was a full-day of work-shops coupled with some light shopping and pampering at the Hilton Fort Worth. While that’s a good description of that day, the experience itself was more like attending a few classes towards your degree in Parenting. This idea (developed by a local mom) is a great one, since I spent weeks and lots of money learning things in college I’ve never used again, but never have a taken a class in learning how to do things like potty training, disciplining my toddler or how to run a household.

A snapshot from Project Mom in Fort Worth on February 25, 2012. (Photo taken from

Topics  at the event included tips to taking good photos of your kids, couponing 101 (which everyone should have some training in), and even how to manage your finances. The day culminated in an interview with two ladies more than a million Facebook fans have come to follow, the “Crockin’ Girls.” There were even chances throughout the day to learn about local resources, purchase some cute toddler clothes, grab a quick massage and even win a prize. If you are interested in Project Mom, you’re in luck. Project Mom comes to Dallas, April 27 & 28 in Allen.

Nordstrom Trend Show at Beauty Live, March 16, 2012 at Galleria Dallas

At 7 AM on a Saturday, I normally am still in my home-bound lounge clothes and slippers. While I wish I was still sleeping, I have two children that ensure that by 7 AM, we are all ready to start our day. However, on March 16, another invitation brought me to an event I had never attended or heard about – Nordstrom’s Trend Show. This year, the event which was coupled with Galleria Dallas’ annual all things beauty (and free) bonanza, Beauty Live. While I had attended Beauty Live over the years with experts like Carmindy and Dr. Ray, this year’s event included Rachel Zoe’s trusty stylist and hair buddy, Joey Maalouf. Anyhow, it wasn’t the line-up that impressed me as much as all the Dallas women in full makeup, hair and shoes lined up at the door to get into Trend Show at 7 AM.

Just one of the many sessions at Nordstom's Trend Show, Beauty Getaway on March 16, 2012 at Galleria Dallas.

Each of these ladies had purchased a ticket to this event (only $15) to have a chance to attend what I cannot explain any less than going to “beauty church.” Each guest was provided a cute orange bag full of samples and a seat to a runway experience of all things new fashion and beauty. More than 600 women sat for two plus hours with girlfriends, mamas and daughters and as I found next to me, grandmas too. We saw all kinds of new products and many of them won the opportunity for full-size high-cost products like a Clarisonic, perfume and skin care. So if you are one of those gals that loves her “Clinique Bonus Time” then this is like that to the nth. After the show, you can enjoy a day’s worth of expert consultation, beauty appointments and special purchases you can’t get anywhere else. While Beauty Live is only once a year, Trend Show happens at Nordstrom stores across the US and other times of the year. Just check the Nordstrom’s website for more information about Trend Show. Beauty Live, Nordstom Trend Show,

Dallas Kids Expo, March 24, 2012 at Dallas Market Hall

They had this mama at “Ready, Steady, Build!” Bob the Builder headlined this year’s Dallas Kids Expo, but he wasn’t the only thing worth going for. This one-day family-focused event works to bring “all-things family, all-things DFW” to Dallas Market Hall in a way kids enjoy while parents can learn about local resources. With bounce houses, face painting, petting zoo and pony rides, my kids couldn’t have been happier, but this was only the start of it.

Michael's was just one of the many companies doing fun arts and crafts with the kids at Dallas Kids Expo, March 24, 2012. (Photo courtesy of Autumn Reo.)

The event highlighted DFW organizations and businesses aimed to help parents plan the best birthday party with venues djs, cake makers and even snake handlers. For mamas-to-be, you could learn about potty training, baby signing, drop-in daycare and the best products to outfit your home for your new arrival like strollers and a wifi baby camera. Candace Hickey of WE tv’s Texas Multi Mamas also made an appearance and five DFW moms received a makeover and was streamed live on ultimate mom Brooke Burke’s Not bad for seven hours, but if you add up all the dentists, attractions, mascots and giveaways including a Disney trip, it was definitely worth taking the kids and dad, too. Next year’s date hasn’t been set, but you can see what you missed at

And it’s not even April. Stay tuned for more “Must-do, Must-go things not to miss in North Texas!”

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